Camilla Carrara

The concept of connection to a fashion garment, and the idea of creating pieces to last is fundamental to this master project. A project cannot market itself as 100% sustainable if it does not know exactly what raw materials streams it is using.
0 means: zero waste, reduced pollution, and reduced emissions.
100 means: 100% high quality, Made in Italy, traceability, sustainability and transparency of the production.
To achieve this all steps of production must be controlled.
Patterns are developed with zero-waste techniques: Zero-waste is a design technique that eliminates textile waste at the design stage, adopting a zero-waste design approach reduces textile waste and the demand on natural resources.
The outcome of Zerobarracento are fashion collections of zero-waste pieces that have a low environmental impact, and are respectful to the workers involved in their creation.
The AW 2016/17 collection has been awarded with a mentorship prize from Manufactum and Messe Frankfurt offered the possibility to exhibit it at the GreenShowroom during the Berlin Fashion Week January 2016 and the possibility to have two outfits on the runway.
Zerobarracento AW 2016/17 has been exhibited at the opening of „Fast Fashion – The shadow side of the fashion“ on December 4th 2015.
Camilla Carrara (b. 1991), originally from Milan completed her Bachelor in Fashion Design at Politecnico di Milano in July 2014, and her MA Sustainability in Fashion at Esmod Berlin in November 2015. Camilla has worked as costum designer from 2011 for a theatre company called Per Aspera ad Astra. Her bachelor collections have been exhibited in group shows in Milan during the fashion weeks. She recently won the third prize of the Recycling Design Preis for her Master project and she was semi finalist of the Eco Chic Design Award. 
Camilla is currently working at C.L.A.S.S. eco hub having the chance to go deeper in the understanding of the market and she is engaged in the planning and production of Zerobarracento collection for A/W 2016/2017.

Photos: Chiara Mazzocchi

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