Sintija Avotniece

The vision behind my 'Gravity is Volatile' collection was to create effortless pieces for every-day and any-day situation that are able to stand the test of time. The core aim was to create garments that are made with respect to people and the environment, are of high quality, functional, comfortable and aesthetically appealing. Aesthetic appeal is of great significance of value when it comes to garments ability to stand the test of time and go against the hectic stream of fast fashion. The goal was to create garments that are rather minimalistic and pure yet enable the user to express her personality and satisfy her physical and psychological needs. 
Sintija Avotniece (b. 1988) originally comes from Riga, Latvia and is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
She has received her educational training in Copenhagen and Berlin and has graduated with a Masters degree in Sustainability in Fashion from ESMOD Berlin in late 2015. She dedicates her work to implementation of sustainable values in her design in various forms (production methods, choice of materials, design methods etc.). Sintija strongly believes that design itself can also be sustainable if it is able to remain rather timeless through several seasons and is of high quality.

Photos: Roland Kunos


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