SDN Brooklyn

SDN: Brooklyn cult fashion brand

Brooklyn-based fashion brand SDN may not yet have broad, brand-name recognition, but you’ve more than likely seen the designs on the hipper set roaming Williamsburg, Bushwick and Downtown Manhattan. The asymmetrical T-shirts emblazoned with the face of Marqua, a smiling ventriloquist dummy; over-sized denim Caftans; shoes with the optical illusion they are being worn on the wrong feet are just a few of the popular designs.

Mixing comedy and irreverence with sustainable fabrics and local production, SDN showed during NYFW Fall 2016 to a full, enthusiastic house. A model wearing a faux fur jacket splattered with red paint was followed by a male model in all black, donning a beret and sunglasses, carrying a can of paint referencing PETA. Also shown: Adult onesies, Backward 2- toned Oxfords, faux-fur sweaters and ponchos as well as organic cotton “twisted” T shirts and dresses.

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