Lisa Pearce

The vision behind the collection „Origin“ is inspired by the last indigenious people of Siberia and Mongolia. The collection deals with the esteem of these people about their environment as well as their respect to one another. Lisa Pearce wants to take this basic understanding as an impulse giver for a more sustainable life.
Using natural and animal fibres follows the basic idea of the collection: woollen qualitites, big yarn, knitted hemp, as well as leather, silk and recycled fox fur. Lisa Pearce plays with the different structures like the voluminous hand-knitted big yarn and the fluent optics of silk.
With her own label, Lisa Pearce now combines certified fibres with feminine and elegant but comfortable cuts – made in Europe. Moreover she works with big yarn to produce armknitted scarves.
Lisa Pearce (b. 1992) originally comes from Germany. She has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from Akademie Mode & Design Düsseldorf in early 2016. Since her internship in Stockholm at Annsofie Back, you can always find a scandinavian touch in choice of colours and silhouettes.

Photos: Jun Kim


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