Stormie Dreams

Stormie Dreams is an LA based contemporary clothing company that seeks to be something greater than just a business. We only produce proudly USA made high-end clothing in our own manufacturing factory. Quality is at the core of our brand and we love to make the connection between producing luxe clothing that is not only great quality but sourced sustainably and always ethically made. As a fashion brand that emphasizes progressive change, we strive to always do more in our part in reducing our carbon footprint and inspiring sustainable responsibility through every stage from production, to fabric selection, and packaging.We pride ourselves in keeping these values as the foundation of our brand and extending our helping hand whenever possible, so we have partnered with a nonprofit organization called the Penny Jar Project to donate clothing to underprivileged orphans in Africa for every single purchase made. We are a forward-thinking company that plans to create change in how the fashion industry operates.


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