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When talking about sustainability, there is not something like a single correct definition. Materials can be sustainable or the way of production. Another great approach comes from Advertising Creative Tara Button. She founded the project „BuyMeOnce“, which questions our tendency to buy things quite thoughtlessly and throw them away again once they are broken – just to replace them again.

Let's throw away our throw away culture“

„Let's throw away our throw away culture“ is the mantra of the project „BuyMeOnce. On the platform you can buy things of quality.
A baby hairbrush with soft goats hair handmade out of sustainable wood, the perfect risilient yoga mat resting a lifetime (or two) or the perfect pair of jeans: BuyMeOnce offers items for almost every area of life. From kitchenware and furniture to clothes – the range of articles is big. But they all have something in common: they are designed to last. They might not meet current trends on point, but are sort of timeless. The goal is to buy them once in your lifetime.

Let's change our „throw away“ to a „keep“ or „pass on“ culture!

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