Remo Polack

I designed circular premium hospitality uniforms. The interest in uniforms has to do with the fact that uniforms deal with functionality and style. Uniforms are sold in large quantities and used all over the world in an organized manner. The purpose of this project is to create a big impact by changing the creation of materials and production systems to allow materials to be reused; lower the contamination of field and water; and reduce use of energy. By having a sustainable approach to production, distribution and retrieval of these uniforms would allow them to be recycled. With the help of circular economy the material is used as a service more than a product, which helps the material to be returned instead of being discarded, as garments usually are.

With my partnership with Persu at Work, a Dutch company who specializes in the business of hospitality uniforms, I was able to get insight on what hotel companies are looking for as well as what the people that wear the uniforms need by meeting with clients from the Netherlands and Berlin. The hotels evaluated were CasaHotel400, DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station, Conscious Hotel and Soho House Berlin. By meeting the managers in charge of purchasing the uniforms I was able to identify the needs, functions and expectations they were looking for in a uniform. By talking with the employees, I was able to analyze the elements that worked for them in their uniform, as well as the things that could change, improved or eliminated. With this line of uniforms called REMOFORM, my intention is not to give companies what they want, but what they need.


Photos: Maria Wallace

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