Miriam Laubner


„ILUSERISSOQ“, which means well built in Greenlandish, strives to showcase the worth of an ethical, sustainable material, namely seal fur from Greenland and to create awareness.

The design focus of this project is to create a capsule collection from full fur products to garments which combine seal fur with other materials and non fur garments by dapting the heritage of seal fur from Greenland with Western design. Embroidery, different techniques and fur placement are inspired by the national costume of Greenland to close the gap between the heritage of seal fur and European fashion.

The aim of this project is to provide products that will last and would be still relevant even though trends change. An aim is also optimising the material use but moreover to re-establish awareness and consciousness of seal fur from Greenland. The vision is to unite fashion with traditional hand craftsmanship and to show different perspectives but also to demonstrate the various facets of this eco-sustainable material. The re-education of the consumer is key. 


sponsored by Kopenhagen Fur



Photos: Gautier Pellegrin

Miriam Laubner

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