María José Simian

The purpose behind the Project Celebration is to contribute to the development of a more sustainable fashion industry for Chile. Aware of the very initial state in which the issue of sustainability and textile production is in this country, focusing on Chilean strengths and having a realistic and innovative approach, was fundamental. Because of the unusually high amount of second hand garments and textiles available in the country, cotton household products –such as sheets and tablecloths obtained from alternative sorting systems- arise as an interesting material to work with. After dyeing them, the fabrics are used for the production of unique formal garments. In addition, these clothes are offered to Chilean women form rent. Through a monthly membership, women could access to a series of formal wear without worrying about the cleaning, mending and maintenance of the garments. And because of this, customers could establish a more responsible, intelligent and practical relationship with their apparels. Last but not least important, social conditions of workers involved and production regulations of the project are consider fundamental when developing the project. The development of a Chilean living wage and the requirement of low impact processes –such as dyeing and upcycle of fibers- complete the project.  


  Photos: Giuseppe Triscari

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