Liz Alig

I started asking a lot of questions after living in Kenya for a summer.  I went shopping and no longer just glanced at the price; I glanced at the tag to find out where it was made.  I started to realize that there are people who make our clothes, people with their own dreams, good days, bad days... children.  One question led to another and I started to realize that something needed to change.  We have an opportunity to give the people who make our clothes a better life.
Liz Alig was started before sustainable or ethical clothing became a buzz word, so the way that we consciously choose the people who make our clothes and the raw materials we use are engrained into our brand.  Our goal from the beginning is to create effortless clothing that is produced ethically from fabric to sewing. 

Liz Alig partners with ten amazing like-minded organizations around the world that pay fair wages and give back to their communities.  One of our main partners in Tegucigalpa, Honduras provides skills training to low income women.  This empowers these women to go back to school, start their own businesses, and provide for their families.  These things are unheard of for women who previously lived on less than a dollar a day.

We are thankful for your support in choosing to purchase fair trade clothing that is making a difference for women around the world!

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Liz Alig

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