Galatea Ziss

Bespoke tailor, dressmaker and Fashion designer Galatea Ziss designs in her “Atelier für Bekleidung” in Wiesbaden exclusive, contemporary collections for men and women and symbiotically combines straightforward design, perfect craftsmanship and sustainability in the selection of materials, production and use.
Inspiration is drawn by the art and architecture of the early 20th century. Key elements of the collections are clear cuts with a casual twist, a focus on geometry, a sophisticated, timeless understatement and the use of high-end organic, regional or natural fabrics.
Galatea Ziss features new and contemporary interpretations of traditional elements of bespoke tailoring.
The designs do not follow a temporary trend but are tailored to last and offer innovative permanency against a backdrop of ever-accelerated life. The collections represent a multi-functional look, equally appropriate for the daily business routine, casual events and special evening occasions.
The samples of the collections are shown in the showroom of "Galatea Ziss - Atelier für Bekleidung". The garments will be made-to-measure on demand in the affiliated workshop with renewable energy. This concept of manufacturing avoids overproduction, storage space and transportation. Customers are involved in the entire development process of the garments. This creates appreciation, respect and a personal relation for the garments.
In combination, the design, material use and sophisticated craftsmanship ensure durability and sustainability of the garments.
To complete her special concept Galatea Ziss organizes various cultural events in her showroom. On her website she regularly writes about new collections, upcoming events and thoughts on fashion, style and sustainability.

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