About SFN

In a world that tends to create and consume faster every day, it becomes more and more important to make sure that our environment, climate and fairness in production do not fall by the wayside.

Sustainable Fashion Network is one contribution to a more responsible handling with consume in the fashion industry. SFN is a presentation platform for young designers who focus on sustainability and transparent production conditions.

Clients who are interested in buying sustainable fashion can find sustainable designers way more easily when they are presented together on one platform.

On the other hand, young designers know how hard it is to establish oneself and build clientele.

SFN is a way to connect those two groups who want and need each other, but often have trouble to get together. Like this it becomes more and more feasible for designers to produce sustainable without taking a huge financial risk.

SFN is also a network – a meetplace for designers to exchange ideas, for students to get tips, for clients to ask questions.. for everybody interested in sustainable fashion! 

Sustainable Fashion Network does not make a claim to be the one solution – it just wants to be a contribution to a better future. To let one of SFN's designers, Remo Polack, sum it up: "sustainable fashion is quite still a growing market and we have to stick together to make it work."


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